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Jerusalem Post: Collaborator a "Stunning Portrayal" of Palestinian Life

The Jerusalem Post, a well-known English-language Israeli newspaper, printed two stories Friday–one a review of my book The Collaborator of Bethlehem, the other a profile of me. The review calls my book a “stunning portrayal” of Palestinian life. I’m delighted that the Israeli reviewer found himself enlightened about the lives of Palestinians. As most Israelis will acknowledge, they really know very little about the true aspirations of the people across the Green Line (it’s always that way in a conflict). All they see are the same stereotypical images of Palestinians–either as victims or as terrorists–that we get in the Western media. It’s those very images that I set out to overturn in The Collaborator of Bethlehem. The reviewer writes:

“What is most powerful about the novel is its unique spotlight onto a society that many of us live alongside, yet know next to nothing about. By utilizing the model of a detective story, Rees actually takes the reader into the bedrooms, courtrooms and alleyways of ordinary Palestinians – and succeeds in greatly enriching the outsider’s understanding of what life under such strain must really be like.”

I’m happy that this makes an impression on the Post reviewer and I hope it’ll have a similar impact when the book is translated into Hebrew later in the year.

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