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26 May 2007 0 Comments

Jerusalem Post: Collaborator a "Stunning Portrayal" of Palestinian Life

The Jerusalem Post, a well-known English-language Israeli newspaper, printed two stories Friday–one a review of my book The Collaborator of Bethlehem, the other a profile of me. The review calls my book a “stunning portrayal” of Palestinian life. I’m delighted that the Israeli reviewer found himself enlightened about the lives of Palestinians. As most Israelis […]

4 May 2007 0 Comments

Booklist: The Collaborator of Bethlehem one of Top 10 Crime Novels of 2007

Booklist is an influential US magazine that reviews books before their publication, mainly for librarians but also for booksellers. Before The Collaborator of Bethlehem hit the shelves, reviewer Bill Ott gave it a terrific write-up. Now Ott has compiled his list of the Top 10 Crime Novels of 2007 (he can get the list in […]