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30 April 2007 0 Comments

Philip Abu Marlowe in Tel Aviv

The April 26 edition of Time Out Tel Aviv has an article about The Collaborator of Bethlehem that includes this, translated of course from Hebrew: “Here comes the first Palestinian detective — Philip Abu Marlowe.” I like the reference to my favorite fictional character, Chandler’s honest, sensitive, hardboiled shamus. The article goes on to add […]

30 April 2007 0 Comments

Toronto Globe & Mail: Omar’s uniquely gritty

Mark MacKinnon, the Globe and Mail Middle East bureau chief, publishes an article about me in today’s edition of Canada’s top newspaper. MacKinnon and I went to Bethlehem recently to discuss The Collaborator of Bethlehem, the first of my Palestinian mystery novels. He’s written a terrific piece that highlights why I turned from journalism to […]

2 April 2007 0 Comments

Newsday: Impatient for more Omar books

Newsday ran a terrific review for The Collaborator of Bethlehem this week. It’s written by Sarah Weinman, whose blog has made her a prominent youthful power in the world of mystery publishing. You’ll see from this excerpt from the review, that she’s looking forward to reading more: “Rees gives three-dimensional life to all his characters, […]