19 February 2007 0 Comments

Boston Globe: Rees captures fabric of Middle East in novel

The Boston Globe’s brilliant young Jerusalem bureau chief Thanassis Cambanis profiles me in last Sunday’s edition. Here’s how Cambanis begins:

“Matt Beynon Rees despaired of finding a compelling way to write the true-life stories he covered during a decade as a news journalist in the Middle East, including six years as Time magazine’s bureau chief in Jerusalem. So he quit and channeled his reporting about Palestinians into a different outlet: mystery novels.”

It’s a long personal profile of me and tells the story of how I started to write the Omar Yussef Mysteries. Cambanis also picks up on some details which show what an observant journalist he is, including the way I take my espresso and the Italian design of my shirts (which he relates, correctly in fact, to the slight dandiness of Omar Yussef’s character).

For Cambanis’s story in full, go to: http://www.mattbeynonrees.com/interviews_boston.htm

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