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25 February 2007 0 Comments

Page 69 Test features Omar Yussef

Marshal Zeringue, innovative author of the Campaign for the American Reader blog, asked me to write for his regular feature, The Page 69 Test. It’s based on the interesting theory that, when you pick up a book, if page 69 is interesting then the book is worth reading. Marshal has had many top authors put […]

24 February 2007 0 Comments

New York Times Book Review: The Collaborator of Bethlehem "an astonishing first novel"

The New York Times Book Review features this terrific review by Marilyn Stasio this week:All it takes is one good man — a detective, of course — to humanize events that confound understanding. In THE COLLABORATOR OF BETHLEHEM, an astonishing first novel by Matt Beynon Rees, the former Jerusalem bureau chief for Time magazine, that […]

19 February 2007 0 Comments

Boston Globe: Rees captures fabric of Middle East in novel

The Boston Globe’s brilliant young Jerusalem bureau chief Thanassis Cambanis profiles me in last Sunday’s edition. Here’s how Cambanis begins: “Matt Beynon Rees despaired of finding a compelling way to write the true-life stories he covered during a decade as a news journalist in the Middle East, including six years as Time magazine’s bureau chief […]

16 February 2007 0 Comments

Matt Interviewed by Terri Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air

Terri Gross interviewed me on yesterday’s Fresh Air arts show on National Public Radio. We talked about my new novel The Collaborator of Bethlehem and current Palestinian politics. You can listen to the 20-minute segment from the show at:

14 February 2007 0 Comments

McClatchy Newspapers: Omar Personalizes Palestinians

McClatchy Newspapers Middle East bureau chief Dion Nissenbaum publishes an interview with me today. It features in two of the US chain’s biggest papers, the Miami Herald and the San Jose Mercury News. Dion picked up on something about The Collaborator of Bethlehem that I think will appeal very much to readers, at a time […]

9 February 2007 0 Comments

Matt on NPR: the Reality of the Palestinian Civil War

I was interviewed about what’s really behind the newest developments in Palestinian politics–which involves almost as much murder as one of my books–on NPR’s The World. To listen, go to:

3 February 2007 0 Comments

TIME: Palestinian Whodunnit with Heart

Under the headline “What Next? A Palestinian Whodunnit”, TIME Magazine Cairo correspondent Scott MacLeod writes a fine review to The Collaborator of Bethlehem: “Matt does here what he did in his reporting for TIME, as well as in an earlier, much-acclaimed non-fiction work, Cain’s Field: Faith, Fratricide, and Fear in the Middle East: he uncovers […]

3 February 2007 0 Comments

Entertainment Weekly: Omar Gets Personal

This week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly includes this on The Collaborator of Bethlehem: “Omar’s probe of a West Bank ruled by political intrigue, religious hatred, and militia thugs let’s ex-Time Jerusalem bureau chief Rees make the Mideast conflict personal.”