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27 December 2006 0 Comments

Omar in italiano, et en francais

After producing a video on youtube about Omar Yussef featuring locations from the first of my mystery novels, I’ve added Italian and French versions of the clip. You can find them at the following links: in italiano: en francais: The first Omar Yussef novel will be published by Cairo Editore in Italy in April under […]

24 December 2006 1 Comment

Houston Chronicle Bethlehem Op-Ed

Here’s a piece I wrote for the Opinion section of today’s Houston Chronicle: In Bethlehem, Christmas 2006 is greeted with a wry, cynical smilePrince of Peace’s birthplace darkened by the stresses of continuing conflictBy MATT BEYNON REESAs we drove up to Bethlehem’s Manger Square, my friend’s cellphone rang. When he answered, he cursed and slapped […]

22 December 2006 0 Comments

Omar on Youtube

Look at the Dark Side of Christmas in Bethlehem, then send it to your friends: This is a video I made in Bethlehem and Dehaisha camp, in which I introduce Omar and the story of “The Collaborator of Bethlehem”. It shows some of the locations featured in the first Omar Yussef novel.

19 December 2006 0 Comments

Omar Yussef for President

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced last weekend that he would call new presidential and parliamentary elections, because Hamas leaders in parliament refused to join a coalition government that might persuade international donors to lift their boycott of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas, which defeated Abbas’s Fatah Party in this year’s parliamentary election, rejected the move and […]

17 December 2006 0 Comments

Library Journal Interview

The latest issue of Library Journal features an interview with me by editor Wilda Williams: