14 November 2006 0 Comments

Bethlehem’s Mean Streets

My forthcoming mystery “The Collaborator of Bethlehem” has been reviewed in Kirkus Reviews and the reviewer highlights the portrayal of the violent environment Omar Yussef must face down.

“Omar Yussef… takes to the mean streets–and are they ever mean,” Kirkus writes.

It’s something I aimed for in writing the book: an accurate portrayal of what a decent, honorable Palestinian faces when he tries to stand up for law and order. That’s the heart of what makes Omar Yussef such a vivid character (though I say so myself), because he’s up against such ruthless, lawless men and such bleak odds. Yet he keeps going.

Kirkus writes that “no one will forget [Omar’s] violent world.” They’d better not, because in the second book in the series Omar will be, if anything, up against ruthlessness on an even greater scale.

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