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10 August 2006 0 Comments

Dashiell Hammett and really real mysteries

Writers have it all wrong. They think they need to learn about other writers. I studied English literature at Oxford University and I read all I could find of the sort of literary criticism which makes a novel seem like a piece of East German economic analysis. Three years later, I hadn’t learned a thing, […]

5 August 2006 0 Comments

Merry Christmas from the Sheikh

When you meet a Hezbollah leader in Beirut, his aides first make you wait a few days, assessing your intentions and making sure you aren’t a spy or an assassin. Then, when the time comes for the interview, they take you either in a car or on foot through the alleys of Beirut’s southern suburb […]

2 August 2006 1 Comment

My book jacket photo

I knew I was going out on a limb. I was an author. This photo was for the jacket of my new book. Obviously my chin should’ve been resting on my hand, or perhaps my jaw would be framed by a thoughtful thumb and forefinger. But no, I decided I wasn’t going to be that […]

1 August 2006 0 Comments

About Matt Beynon Rees

About Matt Beynon Rees I’m a mystery novelist and journalist. The first in my series of Palestinian mystery novels will be published in 2007. As a reporter, I’ve covered the Middle East for over a decade, with the vast majority of that time spent amongst Palestinians and Israelis. I’m a Contributor for Time based in […]